Conflict of Interest Information

The Conflict of Interest Law (PDF) requires that every state, county and municipal employee must be provided with a summary of the conflict of interest law by the Ethics Commission within 30 days of becoming an employee, and annually thereafter.

Each employee must provide to his or her employer, as defined herein, an acknowledgment of receipt (page 12) within ten business days of receipt of the summary. You do not have to be a fulltime paid municipal employee to be considered a municipal employee for conflict of interest purposes. Anyone performing services for a city or town or holding a municipal position, whether paid or unpaid, including full and part-time municipal employees, elected officials, volunteers, and consultants, is a municipal employee under the conflict of interest law.

Town Clerk Responsibilities

The Town Clerk is responsible for the distribution of the Summary to all municipal employees. The Town Clerk must also receive an acknowledgment from the employee that they have a copy of the summary. The receipt can be submitted either electronically or by paper.

Conflict of Interest Process

Step 1

The summary (PDF) and certificates (PDF) are available on this page of the Town Website to read, save or print.

Step 2

Send an acknowledgment by email of receipt of the summary or print the Certificate of Receipt (PDF), fill out and return to the Town Clerk.

Step 3

Training is required to be done every two years. 2023 is the year everyone must complete the online training. As of January 12, 2023 the state has a new system for self-registration regarding the conflict of interest certificates.  Please use this system do the training or renew and retest for this important document. 

Exempt Positions Under Open Meeting Law Requirements

Must receive Conflict of Interest and sign certificate to be placed on file. Specifically referenced in Legislation as exempt from training:

  • Poll (Election) Workers
  • Town Meeting Members

Other positions to be included as exempt based on Ethics Advisory:

  • Consultants
  • Interns
  • Municipal Seasonal Workers
  • School Bus Drivers
  • Senior Center Van Drivers
  • Senior Tax Abatement Workers
  • Substitute Teachers Working Less Than One Day a Week
  • Volunteers (School Volunteers, Library Volunteers, Senior Center Volunteers)