Highway Division

The Highway Division manages and maintains all streets, sidewalks, trees and bridges belonging to the Town, including related snow removal and pavement marking operations; and manages the garage and other miscellaneous activities of the Division.

Reporting Concerns

Any highway department/sign concerns can be reported to 508-832-7814. After hours, the Auburn Police may be contacted 508-832-7777 for emergencies only.

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The Highway Division is made up of the following hard working individuals:

  • Steve Nozzolillo
  • Jim Beauregard
  • Ron Androlewicz
  • Mike Craft
  • Robert Cottle
  • Bryan Dietlin

  • Patrick Montague
  • Jamie Panczyk
  • Zack St. Jean
  • Chad Bates
  • Steve Conway
  • Cody Johnson

Catch Basins & Drainage    

The Town is in the process of starting a new Storm water Department. This Department will be responsible for all of the catch basin cleaning and the drainage issues. This new department will be under the supervision of the Town Engineer. At this present time, the new Storm water employee has not been hired. When they are hired, they will work primarily on cleaning all of the catch basins every day, weather permitting. 

Currently, any catch basin or drainage concerns can be reported to 508-832-7814. We are in the process of cleaning every catch basin in town and jetting all blocked lines.

  1. Berm & Asphalt Work
  2. Brushcutting
  3. Yardwaste Drop Off Hours
  4. Snow Related Information
  5. Street Sweeping

Berm & Asphalt Work    

The Highway Department owns two kinds of berm machines: a cape cod and a 6 inch. The Cape Cod berm is more popular and has a slope from the street up. The 6 inch berm is a straight up 6 inch berm, good for heavy flooding areas. Residents that need a berm replaced, a new berm added for water issues or need an asphalt repair, can call the office at 508-832-7814.

For a list of streets that are going to be reconstructed, please see the Town Engineer’s website.

Yard Waste Rules