Auburn Historical Museum

Visiting The Museum

We have interesting stories, old pictures, artifacts and surprises for everyone. 

  • We have a display on the 1935 High School, a large collection of Nipmuck artifacts, including a tomahawk, war club and 300 year old animal hide quiver. If you ask very politely, we’ll let you hold the tomahawk! 
  • We’ve got exhibits on the Auburn Airport, all the service organizations, the beginnings of the Town of Auburn. 
  • We have a 160 year old bowling ball (just visible to the right of the Early Auburn Center History sign) and many other interesting items. 
  • Items Inside the MuseumThere are dozens of pictures of:
    • Buildings
    • Farms
    • Houses
    • People
    • Schools
  • There’s a large display on all the scouting groups in Auburn, including the Sea Scouts.
  • We’ve got a 75 year old football helmet and uniform pants, a baseball glove from 1930, a typewriter, telegraph key, and a big display explaining how milk arrived at people’s homes in the early to mid 1900s. 
  • We have a genuine Civil War uniform, complete with sidearm and medals, lots of Veteran’s items, and a display on Auburn’s own movie star, Jeffrey Lynn. 
  • Of course, we have a large display on Robert Goddard, complete with stories about explosions, adventures and inventions.

Exhibit Room

Museum ExhibitsIn our rotating exhibit room, we have some World War I and II artifacts, and an old time school room. We are now setting up our Vintage Children’s Exhibit with toys, games, trucks, cars, dolls, carriages, Vintage Clothing, sleds, skates, and dozens of other things.

Visiting Hours

Come in and visit us any Tuesday or Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., or by appointment. Just give us a call. Scouting groups are welcomed, as are school and church groups. We’re a great place for home schoolers too, our progressive maps showing Auburn from the 1790s to the present is a great learning tool.

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