Veteran Services Division


The Department of Veterans’ Services oversees the Commonwealth’s veterans public assistance program, which provides financial, medical, and service benefits to qualified veterans and their dependents. This office also offers assistance and referrals in the areas of:

  • Annuities
  • Counseling
  • Federal compensation and pensions
  • Home loans
  • Job training
  • State and federal educational benefits
  • Tax exemptions

 Veterans Identification Card

Veterans Affairs Announces Rollout & Application Process for New Veterans ID Card

Washington - Today the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that the application process for the national Veterans Identification Card (VIC) is now available for Veterans - yet another action honoring their service. This has been mandated through legislation since 2015 to honor Veterans, and today’s rollout of the ID card fulfills that overdue promise. Only those Veterans with honorable service will be able to apply for the ID card, which will provide proof of military service, and may be accepted by retailers in lieu of the standard DD-214 form to obtain promotional discounts and other services where offered to Veterans.

“The new Veterans Identification Card provides a safer and more convenient and efficient way for most Veterans to show proof of service,” said VA Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin. “With the card, Veterans with honorable service to our nation will no longer need to carry around their paper DD-214s to obtain Veteran discounts and other services.” The VIC provides a more portable and secure alternative for those who served the minimum obligated time in service, but did not meet the retirement or medical discharge threshold. Veterans who served in the armed forces, including the reserve components, and who have a discharge of honorable or general (under honorable conditions) can request a VIC.

To request a VIC, Veterans must visit the VA's Veteran ID Cards page, and sign in or create an account. Veterans who apply for a card should receive it within 60 days and can check delivery status of their cards on the website. A digital version of the VIC will be available online by mid-December.

Veterans Tax Work-Off Program

Town Launches Veterans Tax Work-Off Program

The Town of Auburn is pleased to announce the establishment of a Veterans Tax Work-off Program to allow veterans, as defined in clause 43 of Section 7 of Chapter 4, to volunteer to provide services to the town in exchange for the reduction of real property tax bills. The program received approval from Town Meeting on May 7, 2013 to establish the program in accordance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 59, Section 5N. Subsequently, following the development of the program criteria and guidelines, the Board of Selectmen voted to approve the program on September 22, 2014.

For the first year of the program, five slots will be available to provide up to $1,000 in real estate reductions per participant. The rate of pay will be equivalent to the Massachusetts minimum wage. If there are more applicants than slots available the participants will be chosen by lottery. Any qualified applicants not selected in the current lottery will be given priority the following year.

How to Qualify

To qualify for the program, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants must be classified as a Veteran under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 4 Section 7 Clause 43, or be a spouse of a deceased or disabled Veteran.
  • Own property in Auburn for at least one year.
  • Occupy the Auburn residence as their primary domicile.
  • Have a successful CORI/SORI background check.
  • Veterans over the age of 60 must not qualify for the Senior Work-Off program to participate. They must apply for the Senior Program and be disqualified prior to applying for the Veterans Program.
  • Meet Housing and Urban Development low income limits (80% of median) for the Town of Auburn. For example, under Fiscal Year 2014 income guidelines, a family of two can earn up to $51,150 annually and qualify for the Veterans Tax Work-Off Program. Income limits are available from the Town of Auburn’s Director of Veteran Services, or you may view/download Low Income Limits for Fiscal Year 2014 (PDF).
  • Disabled Veterans may designate a representative to work for them.

Documentation to prove qualification must be presented at the post application interview, and will be returned to the applicant upon its conclusion. No sensitive information will be kept as part of the work-off program participant’s permanent file.

Learn More

If you are interested in participating in the Veterans Tax Work-Off Program, please Contact the Veterans Services department or by Phone: 508-832-7706.

VA E-Benefits

Are you trying to access your VA records or communicate with the VA? Sign up for E Benefits by clicking “Register” in the upper right hand corner and follow the steps. Once registered you will be able to access your disability claim status, print an official VA letter stating your rating or a variety of other things. This ratings letter is used for applying for a Town of Auburn property tax abatement as well as other opportunities that may be available to you as a disabled veteran. Give it a try.

E-Benefits Website

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