Bureau of Community Risk Reduction

The goal of the Bureau of Community Risk Reduction (BCRR) is to improve the quality of life of our residents and to have a strong relationship within the business community with a focus on risk reduction.

To say that we are just a "fire department", or run a "fire prevention" program undersells the value and the impact that we have on our community. This is why the BCRR was created. To better identify and label the work that is being performed within the fire rescue department and has a stronger focus on reducing risk as a whole.

Fire Prevention

Follow the link and select the Fire Prevention tab to learn more about the Fire Prevention Division.

Community CPR

Follow the link to learn more about the Community CPR program.

Hazardous Materials Tracking (Tier II)

The community has approximately 25 facilities that by federal law have reportable quantities of hazardous materials. These materials are reported to the department and tracked electronically through the BCRR. Some of these facilities depending on quantity require annual inspections to ensure storage compliance.

Pre-Fire Planning

The Pre-Fire Planning Division coordinates the collection and data entry of company level inspections and tours to create pre-fire planning documents through our inspection software. That data then becomes accessible on the web and is available to responding command staff and apparatus through mobile data terminals in command vehicles and engines.

Public Education (SAFE Programs)

Follow the link to learn more about the SAFE Programs.