Permit Fees

All department permits are issued by our Administrative Assistant or the Officer in Charge at Fire Headquarters, in person or by phone at 508-832-7800. Commercial related permits and commercial plans should be submitted to Fire Headquarters and then they will be turned over to the Fire Prevention Office, located at Station 2. Residential permits and inspections are handled by the on-duty Officer in Charge. All permits by phone must be paid for by check at the time of the inspection.

Department Business Hours

8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


If you have any residential questions, please contact Fire Headquarters:

Phone - 508-832-7800
Fax - 508-832-5280


If you have any commercial questions, please Contact the Fire Prevention Office or by Phone: 508-407-7630.

Department Permits Effective 07/01/2005

527 CMR's

Site Plan Review $50 Per site
Commercial Plan Review
0-7,500 square feet
7,501-50,000 square feet
50,001+ square feet


Per plan
Per plan
Per plan
Fire Alarm System Plan Review $50 Per plan
Residential Plan Review $10 Per plan
Sprinkler System Plan Review
includes all required inspections
$1 Per head
Mandatory Inspection
lodging houses, motels, nursing homes,
board & care
$50 Per inspection
Residential Smoke Detector - 26F (PDF) $50 Per inspection
Residential Smoke Detector - 26B (PDF) $50 Per inspection
Fire Alarm Installation - Commercial (PDF) $50 Per installation
Sprinkler Installation (PDF) $50 Per site
Sprinkler Alteration (PDF) $50 Per site
21E Studies $50 Per site
U.S.T. Removal - Residential (PDF) $50 Per tank
U.S.T. Removal - Commercial (PDF) $100 Per tank
U.S.T. Installation (PDF)
0-1,000 gallons
1,001-2,500 gallons
2,501-5,000 gallons
5,001+ gallons


Per tank
Per tank
Per tank
Per tank
U.S.T. Abandoned in Place (PDF) $50 Per tank
A.S.T. Removal (PDF) $25 Per tank
A.S.T. Installation (PDF) $25 Per tank
L.P.G. Storage (PDF) $50 Per installation
Storage of Flammable/Combustible Liquids (PDF) $50 Annual
Storage of Flammable/Combustible Liquids (PDF)
over 10,000 gallons
$50 Annual
Oil Burner Permit (PDF) $50 Per installation
Black Powder Permit (PDF) $25 Annual
Cannon/Mortar Firing (PDF) $25 Per permit
Blasting/Pyrotechnic Display (PDF) $50 Per project
Welding/Cutting Permit (PDF) $50 Annual
Hood & Duct System (PDF) $50 Per installation
Open Burning (brush) $10 Per permit
Tank Truck Inspections (PDF) $50 Annual per truck
Transfer Tanks (PDF) $50 Annual per tank
Dumpster Permit (PDF) $25 Annual
All other General cl48, s10A Permits
including FP 290's
$25 Annual